Leiting Games is a listed Chinese publisher of video games and the subsidiary of the Chinese development studio, G-Bits. Leiting Games currently gathers over 45 million Chinese players across both its mobile and PC games. Our mission is simple: publish unique and great games. We are also always on the lookout for helping talented developers and partners to succeed in China by leveraging our strong experience in distribution and development.

Development Funding

If you're a games developer with a great idea for a game, a team in place to make?it and a passion to build a great business you may want to consider contact us.

We are helping stimulate growth in the industry by supporting companies to become more diverse and?innovative, create new IP and grow in strength and size.

Licensing and Relationships with Domestic Stakeholders

China is more of everything: more competition, more distribution channels and more partners, but also more users and more opportunities.

Leiting Games maintains close connections with the Chinese distribution authorities, and provides a decade-long expertise with the 400+ domestic distribution marketplaces. Leiting is bringing its experience to help bridging the Chinese market gap for overseas studios.

Leiting Games has already successfully licensed 80+ video games in China.


1Competitive Analysis

2Positioning & Key Selling Points

3Audience Segmentation & Targeting

4Go-to-Market Strategy: Soft-Launch & Global Launch

5Funnel Optimization

6Expertise with the 400+ Domestic Android Marketplaces

7App Store Optimization

8App Store Relationship Management

9Social Media, KOL & Influencers


1Branding - Creative Direction - Copywriting

2App Store Assets: App Icon - Screenshots - App Preview - Trailers

3Mobile Ads: Static - Video - Playable

User Acquisition

1Expert UA Team

2Market & Audience Definition

3Campaign Set-up and Management

4Creative Asset A/B Testing


1Growth Management

2In-game Event Management

3A/B Testing

4In-game CRM

5Lifecycle Marketing

6Proprietary Tech Platform

7All-in-1 Leiting SDK

8Big Data Technology


1Engineering Support

2Design & Analysis

3Quality Assurance Testing

4Platform Certification

5Customer Support


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Want to contact Leiting Games

Here are a few ways to get in touch with us.

Get in Touch

[email protected]
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